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Duinengordel: Bivakzones Itter & Solt (Oudsbergen)


Bivakzones Itter en Solt zijn een realisatie van het projectteam Duinengordel in samenwerking met  Agentschap Natuur & Bos en de gemeente Oudsbergen.


These two officially recognized bivouac areas are managed by the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forests (ANB), in cooperation with project team Duinengordel. Open all year round. No reservation or registration necessary. Max 10 people or 3 small trekking tents allowed in the same bivouac area. You can stay up to 48 hrs (2 nights). If one bivouac area is full, divert to the other which is only 600 meters away. Free stay. A bivouac area should not be confused with a small camping, rules are different, comfort facilities limited or non-existent and you are held personally responsible to keep the area spotlessly clean and quiet during your short stay. Strictly forbidden for any motorized vehicle, access only on foot or by bike. Hand water pump (water non-potable), toilet, small shelter, hammock poles. Campfires not allowed. Lots of waymarked walking and cycle trails in the area. Enjoy your short stay. Leave no trace, just your footsteps.